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January HOA Meeting

Dear Homeowners,

Toluca Townhouse No. 3 General HOA Meeting

Tuesday January 8th at 7PM, at 4436 Kling.

Please feel free to join us. Following is the agenda for the meeting.

• Call meeting to order.

• Approval of December minutes.

• Open discussion and questions from the homeowners.

• Maintenance Items:

1. Plumbing repair completed; had Moe Plumbing come back to the property to clean up sand and cement dumped in the interior.

2. Tree trimming completed; two days-December 5th and 7th. Cypress trees are being trimmed by the gardeners, as Flintridge did not complete all of the trimming.

3. Termite Inspection follow-up report from Calista regarding those units that were not completed in December and have or need to schedule an appointment in January. Status of termite inspection report for the complex (all of the units that were inspected in December).

• Earthquake Insurance Renewal; vote to borrow funds from reserve

• Approval to move forward to prepare the architectural guidelines & solar energy installation policy (quote from Beaumont Tashijan)

• Monthly financial report from Calista.

• Status of the refund on the workers comp policies.

• Status of walk through conducted on Monday, December 10, 2018.

• Set a date for the annual meeting and election timeline.

• Proposal for the dryer vent cleaning.

• Proposal from B&K Electric to add some additional lights on Clybourn; also remove patio light from Unit 364 and replace with pagoda outside of the patio.

• Meeting adjourned

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