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February 2022 Newsletter

2022 HOA Board Election Results

Thanks to everyone who ran for the open Board positions and to those who voted. We received 24 ballets back out of 36 members. We would like to thank Brenda Lambert, Secretary and Gevork Grgodjaian, Treasurer for their service on the Board for the last three years.

Congratulations to the new Board members:

Hopi Marcum – Treasurer

Niciane Gelfos – Member at Large

The other Board members:

Dave Phillips – President


Phone: 818-919-5014

Eric Hormell – Vice President

Teresa Wayne – Secretary

Management Company

Partners Community Management

260 S Los Robles Avenue, #307

Pasadena, CA 91101

Carmen Harper, Community Manager


Phone: 626-529-3918, Ex. 108

For Emergencies after 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday and weekends and holidays call

626-529-3918, option 1

Maintenance Items – Short Term

Main line sewage cleaning is schedule for Tuesday March 1

Lateral Line Garage Cleaning

Lateral line garage cleaning is planned for Saturday, April 2 to camera and clean, if necessary, the following lateral sewage lines that are prone to blockages because of tree roots:

Units: 356, 360, 364, 4410, 4444, 4448, 4450, 4454,

Starting this year, the Association has budgeted the cost of cleaning the lateral lines. The units listed above will be checked every six months as they are prone to root incursion and possible backups. The remaining units will be inspected with the camera and cleaned annually during the fall. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this service to help insure your unit does not have any sewage backups. Several units have not had their sewage lines inspected or cleaned in years because they have storage or cars blocking the garage clean-out. Please consider opening up these areas so the Plumber can check and clean your lines.

New Roof Building No. 6 (Units 4440 - 4456) April week of 11th or 18th. Cost $47,038

Once this new roof is installed, we will still have four more new roofs to put on. We plan to put on a new roof each year until they are completed.

Satellite Dishes – Building number 6 (Units 4440 - 4456)

We have four satellite dishes on building number 6 that will need to be removed during the upcoming new roof installation. It will take approximately one week to complete the roof project and during this time the satellites will be removed and you will not have the use to this service. Once the roof work is finished, you will need to schedule your provider to re-position the dish. Everyone re-installing a satellite dish will be required to sign a waiver that they will pay to have the dish removed if and when they move out of the unit.

Please notify the Board by April 1 if you have an operating satellite dish on building 6 so we can coordinate with you. We suspect some of these dishes are old and no longer in use so we need your help to figure out which dishes are currently being used. Let us know if you have any questions.

Maintenance – Longer Term

This year the Board has added a new $45,000 line item to our Reserve budget to cover some of the additional costs to pay for sewage repairs. Our plan is to gradually replace the lateral lines on the units that are prone to blockage because of tree roots. We hope to dig up at least one patio each year to see if we can replace the old clay lateral line pipes with new PVC and the larger new fittings that should help to keep the roots out of the sewage lines.


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