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October Newsletter

New Election Policy Approved

The new election policy was adopted by the Board of Directors during an association meeting on September 29, 2020. Here is a copy of the election policy.

Effective January 1, 2020, one of the changes imposed by SB 323 is that the inspector of elections cannot be otherwise under contract to the association. This means that management companies, lawyers, CPA’s or others who are under contract to perform services, and employees of those firms, cannot act as the inspector of elections.

With the enactment of Senate Bill 323, the Board contracted with Official HOA Elections, a company who will be handling our upcoming election. They will send out all of the required election material, count and tabulate all votes and determine the tabulated results of the vote. The actual election meeting will be a virtual/on-line meeting. Official HOA Elections will reach out to the homeowners within the next week with a Notice of Nomination Procedures.

New Property Management Company

We will be transitioning to a new management company, Partners Community Management, effective November 6, 2020. Partners will be contacting all homeowners next week regarding the transition. Along with an introduction letter they will be including some enclosures that need to be completed. Partners will be mailing the November statements, so they will also be sending a payments option letter. Partners will continue to provide the same range of services with a more personal approach to the management of the community.

New California HOA Law AB 3182

Governor Newsom recently signed a new bill AB 3182 that takes effect on January 1, 2021. Under AB 3182, any provisions in the governing documents which prohibit or unreasonably restrict renting will be considered void and unenforceable with two exceptions:

  • Associations can prohibit short-term rentals of thirty (30) days or less

    • Associations can limit the total number of rental homes in the community to twenty-five percent (25%) but no less

The law will require homeowners' associations to amend their governing documents to reflect these changes by December 31, 2021.

Fire Pit Ready to Use

The fire pit is finished and is ready to be enjoyed as the nights are getting a little cooler. Safety instructions and lighting tools will be placed near the fire pit. Please ask Dave Phillips (818-919-5014) for help if you feel uncomfortable lighting the fire pit the first time. Here is a copy of the safety instructions.

Claim Against the City of Burbank

The City of Burbank has agreed to pay $2,722 toward our claim for the tree damage to our water line on Kling Street. It will help to offset some of the costs for the plumbing repair.

Community Maintenance

The garage hydro-jetting was completed on the first two Saturdays in October. Twenty-eight units participated. Hydro-jetting is the process of using a high-pressured flow of water to scour the interior surfaces of the plumbing pipes, removing scale, tree roots, grease and other debris that's built up inside the pipe walls over time. Several units had some major tree roots within their drains, but all roots were cleared out.

Roof inspections and maintenance – November 2 and November 3

  • Maintenance will be performed on Building 6 (4440 - 4456)

  • Precise Roofing will also conduct a walk through on all remaining buildings, as well as sweep the gutter guards on all buildings

Termite Inspections - November 19, 20 and 21

  • Termite Inspections – Annual inspection has been scheduled for Thursday, November 19th, Friday, November 20th and Saturday, November 21st.

  • The cost of the termite inspection and treatment is covered by the HOA, and the board is looking for full participation of all units

  • Please call 818-768-2614 for your appointment early, especially if you need a Saturday visit.

  • This is a mandatory inspection paid for by the HOA, and all homeowners must participate. Every unit share walls and internal structural beams with neighbors, therefore it is crucial to the overall health of the buildings that every unit is inspected.


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