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Community Maintenance

Dear Homeowner

The board has been elected by you to maintain your common property. We take this very seriously, and have therefore scheduled regular maintenance: drain cleaning, roof maintenance and termite control.

We know these are very mundane ways of fulfilling our commitment to you. However, we are happy for you to release these mundane matters into our hands.

All of these have been scheduled to happen this fall. Everyone in our community needs everyone else to participate in these basic controls. If your neighbor has termites, they could spread to your unit, and vice versa.

Here’s when they are going to occur.

  • Thursday, October 1 - Main Drain Cleaning

  • Saturday, October 3 & 10 – Garage Drain Cleaning. Let us know if you would like to participate.

  • The board strongly encourages everyone to participate. The charge for each participating household is just $90 for the service. Flyers will be dropped off in everyone’s mailbox with more details. A copy is attached to this email.

  • Please complete the bottom portion of the form and drop it off with your check made out to Toluca Townhouse No. 3 HOA in the association mailbox before Friday, October 2nd. Our last inspection showed a few units with significant blockage and roots in homeowners’ pipes prior to cleaning, so this is crucial preventative maintenance that will help prevent plumbing problems within your unit as well as your neighbors’

  • Roof inspections and maintenance – November 2 and November 3

  • Maintenance will be performed on Building 6 (4440 - 4456)

  • Precise Roofing will also conduct a walk through on all remaining buildings, as well as sweep the gutter guards on all buildings

  • Termite Inspections – Annual inspection has been scheduled for Thursday, November 19th, Friday, November 20th and Saturday, November 21st.

  • The cost of the termite inspection and treatment is covered by the HOA, and the board is looking for full participation of all units

  • Attached is a flyer from Higgins Termite. Please call for your appointment early, especially if you need a Saturday visit.

  • This is a mandatory inspection paid for by the HOA, and all homeowners must participate. Every unit shares walls and internal structural beams with neighbors, therefore it is crucial to the overall health of the buildings that every unit is inspected.

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