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May Newsletter

Pool News

The pool construction will begin on Monday, June 1, 2020.

They will drain the pool on Monday and begin the removal of the deck and pool surface on Tuesday.

We will need to remove the pool furniture for the construction. We will be purchasing new furniture once the construction is complete.

If anyone is interested in any of the pool furniture please email Lisa Goldfisher. Do not take any of the furniture without first contacting Lisa.

There are two tables, six chairs and six lounge chairs.

There is also a cactus plant that will need to be removed.

Based on the pool construction at TT No. 6 it appears that the first two days of pool construction are the nosiest. Once the contractor breaks up the old concrete and hauls it away the process seems a lot quieter. The HOA at TT No. 6 continues to speak very highly of our pool contractor and his crews.

Health Alert

A number of homeowners and tenants have reported seeing rats in the community since the pandemic started.

As a number of restaurants have closed, rodents are needing to find new sources of food and congested urban areas all over the country have also seen an increase in rodent activity.

We have asked our Pest Company to install additional bait stations on the property and make sure that the current stations are being serviced on a regular basis.

It’s important for everyone to make sure we are not feeding the rats by installing bird feeders and/or feeding the squirrels. Hummingbird feeders are usually not attractive to rodents. The sweet sugar scent attracts many other animals and insects, such as ants, bees, bears, racoons and possums.

Thank you for your cooperation with this request.

HOA Rules

Since the virus has started a number of homeowners and tenants have started working from home and some have invited new individuals to live with them. Please make sure your visitors are aware of the HOA rules.

Even through the City of Burbank has relaxed their parking rules, the HOA has not relaxed our rules during this pandemic. Please be considerate of others as far as overnight parking in front of your garage and loud noise at night.

Smoking, of any kind (including tobacco, marijuana, and vape devices), is prohibited in the Common Area (such as the pool and recreation areas) and Exclusive Use Common Area, which includes balconies and patios.

Community Outdoor Lighting

We apologize for the disruption in outdoor lighting over the Memorial Day Weekend.

You might have noticed that someone broke one of our pagoda lights at the end of the driveway between buildings number five and six several weeks ago. Our electrician replaced the broken light and it has been broken again. This time when they broke the light they also knocked out one of our circuits to the outdoor lighting. We have removed the two pagoda lights at the end of the driveway and have installed new lights, where they will provide more light.

Thanks to all of the homeowners who left their front door lights on during the dark nights when our exterior lights were out. The City of Burbank was also experiencing streetlights out, all along Clybourn and Kling. They have had crews out repairing the lights.

We have received reports of young males and homeless people are making trouble around the property at night. It seemed like the homeless people were gone for the first several months of the pandemic, but it appears that they are returning again so we all need to be on the alert.

Please call the police if you see any stranger around the property or any suspicious activity.

Tip of the Month

Help Your Neighbor

As you know, many of our usual grocery items and household products are still in short supply. Several of our homeowners do not drive so they may be having trouble finding their usual supplies. Please consider asking your neighbors if they need anything at the store the next time go you go shopping.

Start Your Car

Please remember to start your car once a week to make sure your battery is charged. Several homeowners have discovered their batteries were dead since they were not driving as much.

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