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March Newsletter

Pool Project Update

We are close to finalizing our plans and contracts for the new pool. Construction should start around mid to late April and finish up sometime in July. The Plumber put his camera in the storm drains around the pool and discovered the drains are full of tree roots and debris. The storm drains will need to be replaced at an additional cost of $4,800. The project is still running under budget with a contingency of $12,458. Please see the 3 D Renderings for how the new pool will look.

Maintenance Update

If you have recently walked around the property you should have noticed a cage that houses the new pressure regulator and back flow valves that were recently installed. This necessary repair was due to the City tree roots breaking the water line that serves building number 5, Units 4424-4438. We have filed a claim for damages with the City and are hopeful we might recoup some of the money from the City.

While we were fixing this problem, we noticed the water line feeding the sprinklers along Kling Street was leaking and will need to be replaced.

We will need to build a wall behind the cage and replace the plants that were destroyed in the construction process.

Based on the inspection performed by the structural engineer, the balconies at units 4412, 4426, 4428, 4448 and 4450 should be replaced. We are currently replacing the waterproofing on three balconies. The process takes about two weeks, as there are several layers installed as part of the waterproofing process. Termites were also discovered on two of the balconies, so Higgins was called to inspect and treat the area. This is a reserve component based on the newly passed law SB326.

Tip of the Month

Google updated its homepage over the weekend to deliver coronavirus-related information to the masses.

The tech giant's search page now has a notice that reads: "DO THE FIVE. Help stop coronavirus."

The basic protective measures against coronavirus include:

1. HANDS Wash them often

2. ELBOW Cough into it

3. FACE Don't touch it

4. FEET Stay more than 3ft apart

5. FEEL sick? Stay home

The alert appears just below the search bar and the "I'm Feeling Lucky" tab.

If you click the new alert, you'll see a summary of advice from the World Health Organization explaining how to slow the spread of the outbreak, which recently became a pandemic.

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