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January Newsletter

Pool Project Update

The Board and the Pool Committee have decided on a pool contractor, SBW Pools of Burbank for our new pool. SBW is the same company that is going to install a new pool for TT No. 6, and has been in business for over fifty years. We have been busy deciding on the materials and equipment. There have been some changes to the original design. In order to open up the area, we are removing the concrete short wall surrounding the pool and replacing it with iron fencing. We believe this will obviate a caged feeling for the pool, and instead create a graceful elegance.

Furthermore, we are removing the cement stairs leading into the pool area together with their adjoining planter box. Instead, we will install a new gas fire pit with seating. Association members who never use the pool during the daytime could socialize around the fire pit in the evenings. This will add even more value to our property. The entrance to the pool will be relocated to the North East side of the pool at ground level.

We are hoping to finalize a contract by sometime in February so that construction can start this Spring. The entire process of acquiring pool permits and construction should take about two to three months to complete. We hope to have some design photos for the next newsletter.

Garage Beam and Balcony Inspection

Please mark your calendar for Saturday, February 1 starting at 10 a.m. for a mandatory safety inspection.

The Board recently learned about a cracked support beam in one of the Unit’s garage. We hired a Structural Engineer to inspect the cracked beam and he advised that the beam needed to be reinforced. We found a contractor and the beam was reinforced following the instructions of the engineer.

As a safety concern, the Board has decided to ask the Structural Engineer to inspect all units that have a wooden support beam in their garage, insuring that they are sound. If necessary, the HOA will pay for any beams that are identified as needing to be reinforced. We think we have about 26 units that have these support beams in the garage.

In addition, on January 1, 2020 a new law SB 326 went into effect which requires all HOA’s to conduct visual inspections of balconies. The inspections must be done by either a structural engineer or an architect, who will submit a report to the board detailing the physical condition and useful life of the balconies’ load-bearing components and their waterproofing systems.

Since the Engineer will be here on February 1, we thought it made sense to have him inspect the ten balconies as well as the garage beams.

Here is a list of units that we believe have garage beams and balconies that need to be inspected. Please let us know if you have a garage support beam in your unit is not on the list.

If your unit is on this list, you will need to be home on Saturday, February 1 to allow the engineer to inspect your garage beam and or balcony. If for some reason you cannot be home, you will need to give a key to one of your neighbors or Board Members so that all units can be inspected.

We remind you that the HOA is responsible for paying for these inspections and subsequent repairs. It will be most economical to have the structural engineer on site for just one time. We cannot afford to have him return numerous times to accommodate individual schedules.

We welcome you to join us at the next meeting which will be held at 4424 W. Kling on Tuesday, February 4, 2020 at 7pm.

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