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November Newsletter



Our association has voted to be assessed in order to renovate the pool area. We all deserve to be congratulated for taking this momentous step in our history. Take another look at the renderings of the new pool here. Nevertheless, none of us can really imagine how fantastic the area will look. We have all been living with the pool in disrepair for decades, and have grown used to it.

It’s going to be a big project and we want you to participate in it. Thus, we are forming a Pool Renovation Committee to steer us through its completion. At the helm of the Committee is Dave Phillips, who is looking for two other (non-Board) volunteers to help him decide on design, color and style of materials, plants, and pool furniture. Hence, the committee will make the pivotal decisions on vendors - for the primary pool reconstruction and for decking and fencing. If you volunteer, you would help us beautify the pool area forever.

Please contact Dave Phillips at 818-919-5014 or email Dave at if you are interested in joining this committee. You can contact him and inquire more about the committee without making a commitment. Feel free to inquire!


Community News:

We have a new edition in our Community at 352 Clybourn.

Alessandra Early

Born on 9/25/19 at 6:01am

She looks forward to enjoying long walks down Kling.


Association News:

Good News - The board has completed the annual budget for 2020 and there will be no increase in the monthly dues. With the 2020 budget we will continue with the important maintenance for association needs, as well as the required funding for reserves.

You should receive the budget package within the next few weeks.

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