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Summer Pool News

Living in Los Angeles can spoil a person - in a good way. We have everything! We have mountains, deserts, city centers and, not to mention, the best beaches in the world. However, because of the traffic, it’s not easy to get to those beaches.

No problem! Everyone has a pool. And so do we. Alas, our pool is in sorry shape. In fact, to tell the truth, it’s a mess! And we want to do something about it.

The Board strongly recommends remodeling the pool and the surrounding areas, and we need your support to proceed with this project.

As you know, the property is 55 years old. Except for the mechanical equipment, the pool is original. The pool and its decking started showing its age 15 years ago. We believe the plaster in the pool was replaced about 20 to 25 years ago. Furthermore, the underground copper water lines could rot through at any time (current code calls for PVC water pipes).

We have received bids of approximately $87,250 for a complete remodel which includes the pool plaster, plumbing, decking, filter, pump, and new fencing. These upgrades will also bring the pool up to code and make it safe.

Fortunately, we have $37,700 in reserve to cover pool remodeling. This leaves us with a potential special assessment of approximately $49,550 or $1,400 per unit. Homeowners will have the option to pay off their special assessment in five payments of $280 each. Because of the size of this expense, the Board needs 51% or 19 of the Homeowners to approve this project.

Additional Reasons for Remodeling the Pool


Building & Safety Code requires that pools be enclosed by a fence. Several liability insurance companies have refused to cover us because our pool is not enclosed. And think of how lovely the pool would be if it were elegantly enclosed. A fence would add security and safety.

According to the Center for Disease Control, accidental drowning is fifth as the cause of unintentional injury or death. For children aged one to four, it is the main cause of death other than birth defects. No homeowner wants to bear that responsibility. If the City or County were to inspect our pool, they would most likely close it down because of our many code violations.

Most of the major pool components are out of code and present a potential safety hazard. For example, Building & Safety Code calls for a split main drain to ensure a small child could not be sucked in and held under water. The electrical connections at the pool are not up to code and require 220V service. Our pool shed has an open container of acid for the pool which is uncovered and does not meet current safety requirements. Over the years, the decking around the pool has been patched. Several of these patches are sunken, which present a tripping hazard.

Better to Be Proactive, Than Wait for an Emergency

As you know, the longer we delay these improvements the more the project will eventually cost. In the event of a major problem or code violation, the Board has the authority to authorize repairs to the pool without the Homeowners’ approval. The Board would prefer to complete this project on our schedule and not wait for an emergency repair. It is fiscally irresponsible to function on an emergency basis.

The $87,250 cost is a preliminary estimate. Once the Homeowners have approved this project, the Board will consult LA County and the City of Burbank to ensure our plans meet code before we negotiate and finalize the cost of this project. If the project costs drastically exceed this estimate, the Board will hold another vote.

The pool is an essential part of our community, and should be a center of enjoyment and relaxation. Not everyone uses the pool, however, renovating the pool area will add safety, beauty, and increase everyone’s property value.

Your Board is holding an association-wide meeting on August 3, 2019 around the pool to discuss this project. You are invited, and we would be delighted if you would attend. Additionally, we are inviting all of your neighbors who are renters. We are sure that their owners would want to know their feeling about the pool project. The meeting begins at 10:30 am on Saturday, August 3, 2019. See you there!

For your information here is a breakdown of the cost for remodeling the pool. Also a few photos.

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