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It’s May! It’s May! The lovely month of May! The summer solstice is quickly approac

To celebrate, your board has been busy beautifying the area. On May 29, Anthony’s Service will sweep all of the garage door exteriors and lighting and also the pagoda lights in the landscape. These lights will sparkle to show off the colorful improvements in our landscape on Kling Street. (Dave and Michele Phillips did most of the removal and installation of new plants.) Check it out! Furthermore, Select Painting not only touched-up the stucco but did a great job reviving several damaged red front doors.

By now, you have received a packet from ONIT with proposed Architectural Guidelines and Solar Installation policies. These policies enhance the Board’s ability to conduct Association business, therefore directly affecting you. You can attend an open forum at the Boards meeting at 4430 W. Kling on June 5, 2019 to discuss these policies.

In fact, we are in compliance with the “Open Meeting Act,” in that we have an open forum every Board meeting - time set aside just for you to speak. We are a peaceful group and ask only that you leave your belligerence at the door, organize your ideas ahead of time, and limit your comments to 2-3 minutes.

Rejoice! After more than seven years of drought, California is 100% drought free. Nonetheless we urge you to remember that we live in an arid climate and droughts recur. With seven years of practice, it should be easy for all of us to continue making water conservation a way of life.


Spend a June afternoon at the Broad (pronounced Brōd) Art Museum downtown LA. The Broad has an immense collection of abstract impressionism with works by Jackson Pollack, Jaspar Johns and Andy Warhol. Admission is free, just book an appointment online. There is parking under the building for $15. While you are there, don’t miss Yayoi Kusama’s installation, Infinity Mirrored Room—The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away. Transcend your 3-dimensional everyday life by stepping into Kusama’s installation of thousands of lights and mirrors.

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