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March Newsletter

Hope everyone enjoyed the lovely weather last weekend!

Please read through for important news and upcoming items.

Our gardeners, KRM, have begun to use new, battery powered equipment on the property. On Friday, there was a team of Japanese engineers following the gardeners as they used new Makita blowers and trimmers. KRM will also begin to use a battery powered lawn mower. This new equipment is a great improvement, as it is much quieter and less polluting than the gas-powered equipment that was used by the gardeners previously.

During the main drain cleaning and camera inspection of our main lines earlier this month, Top Contender cleared many blockages from the lines, from sludge to extensive tree roots. They also discovered a break in the line running under Building 4, beneath the patio of unit 4416. Top Contender returned this past weekend to repair the break and replace the section with new pipes:


The meeting will be on Monday, April 1st, at 7PM at Spirit Works,

260 N. Pass Ave., in a downstairs meeting room.

There are two open positions this year, as Karen Fond and Andrea Kim’s terms are coming to an end. Ballots have been mailed with candidate statements and instructions. Please make sure to complete the ballots following the instructions and mail them in prior to the meeting, or bring in person on April 1st. Please contact our property manager, Calista Mendez at (818) 861-7887, with any questions regarding the election process.


Flyers have been distributed in doors to those who had confirmed interest in dryer duct cleaning. It has been scheduled for Saturday, April 13th, from 9AM to 2PM. If you have not received a flyer but would like to also participate, please read the linked flyer for additional details. Please complete the form and drop off with your check payment to the association mailbox by April 1. Please contact Michele Phillips with any questions.


Please be advised that the useful life of the outdoor wall lights found adjacent to each unit’s front door is near expiration and we are looking to replace them. These are a reserve item and are to be replaced uniformly throughout the complex. In an effort to involve all owners with this project, the Board of Directors is seeking preliminary suggestions with regard to the style, size, and color of the new light fixtures. These suggestions will be narrowed down and put for owner vote prior to the final selection.

If you are interested in submitting a suggestion, please email Calista a color photo of your ideal light fixture, as well as the price and where to purchase it. The budget for each light fixture is approximately $75-100. The deadline for suggestions is April 20, 2019.


TIP OF THE MONTH: Do not feed the wildlife!

There have been raccoons spotted in the interior of the complex at night. Please take care not to leave food or food trash out and accessible to these or other neighborhood critters, so as not to attract them into our complex. Thank you!

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