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November Newsletter

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday!

We have a couple of important maintenance dates coming up:

1. Termite Inspections: Higgins Termite will be on the property conducting our annual termite inspections on Friday, November 30th and Saturday, December 1st, between 9:30AM and 3:30AM.

Please call Higgins at (818)768-2614 to schedule your 2-hour appointment window for the inspection if you have not yet done so. Flyers were distributed to all doors and sent from ONIT via email. Here is another copy for easy reference.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a mandatory inspection paid for by the HOA, and all homeowners must participate. Every unit shares walls and internal structural beams with neighbors, therefore it is crucial to the overall health of the buildings that every unit is inspected. Please contact the management company* or a board member with any questions, or if you are unable to be home during these inspection dates so that we can make separate arrangements.

2. Tree Trimming: Flintridge will be on the property to trim in-ground trees on Wednesday, December 5th. If you have a patio tree that requires trimming, please make sure to leave your patio gate unlocked and the patio clearly accessible for the day, so that they are able to complete the work. Please also make sure that there is ample space within your patio in front of and around your trees so the trimmers may access them easily. This maintenance cost is covered by the HOA.

Drain cleaning was completed earlier this month, with 26 units in participation. These were inspected and cleaned, and many drains were unclogged and cleaned of roots and other blockage. During the camera inspections a crack was found in a sewer line that services units 4426 and 4428. A repair will be made.

There were also some electrical repairs made to the some conduit that had deteriorated in the interior of the complex. A Plus Gutter also came out to re-seal some of the gutter seams--the gutter repair was made at no additional cost as it was warrantied work.

After much review and revision, the board has completed the 2019 HOA budget. Year-end packets with the final budget will be mailed out to all homeowners by the end of the month by ONIT.

Our next HOA meeting will be on Tuesday, December 4th, at 7PM at 4430 Kling.

*Calista Mendez, from ONIT Property Management, may be reached at (818)861-7887 or via e-mail at

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