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October Newsletter

Hope everyone is having a lovely October!

The re-scheduled garage drain inspection cleaning will begin this Saturday, October 20th, at 9:30AM. Top Contender will also return on the 27th to work on any units not completed on the 20th. If you have not yet signed up but would like to do so, please print and complete the flyer and drop off along with a $90 check to the association mailbox by this Friday.

The recent roof inspections went well overall. Gutters were vacuumed and cleaned, and a repair was made to an improperly installed satellite dish. For any who plan on installing a satellite dish, please remember to take note of the HOA satellite dish policy, which is in place in part to protect the roofs and structural safety and integrity.

The board has researched vendors and acquired bids for the replacement of the exterior front doors. Estimates were generally around $2200, including hardware and installation. The replacement of the exterior front door is done at the expense of the unit owner. If you are interested in a new front door, please contact Michele Phillips, who can provide you with the vendor information.

The board also received estimates to install patio security gates. Prices vary as the openings on the patios are of different sizes. The management company will send a notice to those owners who were identified as currently not having a security gate. The owners can then let the management company know if they would be interested in ordering a gate for added security.

A summary of the HOA’s current financial standing was completed by Calista, our property-manger and shows that we are in good standing overall. However, due to some unexpected costs over the course of the year, we will be very close to using up all available operating funds by year’s end. A reserve summary was also calculated, and the reserve account is approximately 62% funded at this time.

The board continues to review and revise the 2019 budget, which will be mailed out in late November to all homeowners.

Please visit our calendar for reminders on upcoming maintenance.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 13th, at 7PM, 4424 Kling.


Tip of the Month!

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