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September Newsletter

Happy first day of fall! Here are some news as well as some important upcoming maintenance dates for our TT3 community.

A drip irrigation line has been added to the planter box by the driveway to building two which contains a large oleander, so that it is watered consistently. Our landscaping continues to be updated in phases, and last week the area on Kling by unit 4400 was cleaned up and updated with beautiful new plantings that have proven to be hardy and thrive on our property. Drip irrigation has also been added to this area, which provides more uniform water distribution and lessens soil erosion and weed growth.

Here are some before and after photos of the recently completed landscaping on Kling:



The board has begun drafting the 2019 budget. There will be continued revisions over the next month or so, and it will be sent to all in November, once it has been finalized.

The board also continues to research best options for front door suppliers and installation and will present homeowners with the best option as ready.

The maintenance matrix has been finalized and will be sent to all homeowners shortly by ONIT via My Green Condo, and posted on our website as well. The matrix uses our CC&Rs as the basis to provide a breakdown of which maintenance and repair items are homeowner responsibility, and which are HOA responsibility.

Please remember that no smoking of tobacco or any other substance is permitted in any of the common areas of the property, per Burbank city code.

The next HOA meeting will be Tuesday, Oct 9, at 7PM at 4436 Kling.



Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning:

Garage drain inspection and hydro-jet cleaning is scheduled for Saturday, October 6th. Top Contender will begin work at 9:30, starting with building 1 (units 350-356), and work their way through the property. Any units not completed by end of day will be finished on a future date to be determined.

The board strongly encourages everyone to participate. The total work is estimated to be about $2500, but the HOA will be covering a portion of that amount and asks each participating household to pay just $90 for the service. Flyers were dropped off on Monday in everyone’s mailbox with more details, and a pdf copy can also be accessed here if you still need one.

Please complete the bottom portion of the form and drop it off with your check to the association mailbox before Friday, October 5th. Our last inspection showed significant blockage and roots in many homeowners’ pipes prior to cleaning, so this is crucial preventative maintenance that will help prevent plumbing problems within your unit as well as your neighbors’!

Additional Scheduled Maintenance:

  • Roof maintenance is scheduled for October 8-9 for building 4 (units 4414-4422). Precise Roofing will also conduct a walk through on all remaining buildings, as well as sweep the gutter guards on all buildings.

  • Annual termite inspection has been scheduled for Friday, November 30th and Saturday, December 1st. Cost of termite inspection and treatment is covered by the HOA, and the board is looking for full participation of all units. Notices will be mailed by Higgins to all homeowners in November to schedule time slots for the inspection.

  • Tree trimming of in-ground trees on the property (including within individual patios) is scheduled for December 5th and 6th with Flintridge.

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