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August Newsletter

Last month was very productive in terms of maintenance around the property. Anthony's Window Cleaning completed the cleaning of all garage door exteriors and frames, as well as the exterior garage lighting and the painstaking work of cleaning all the pagoda lights in our landscaping.

Following this, we also had the painters out on the property for some stucco and painting repairs. Some of the extensive stucco damage is a result of inefficient sprinkler heads, so once these are replaced with drip irrigation in the coming months, the stucco damage will likely be minimized.

Also, the mulch in the landscaping along Clybourn has been raked and excess mulch moved to the plantings along the walkway heading into the pool area from Clybourn. Both areas look cleaner as a result.

The front door painting that had originally been scheduled for August 4th was postponed due to the extreme heat that weekend. It has also been observed that several doors have some rot or damage, so the board has decided to use the postponed door painting as an opportunity to provide the option to any interested homeowners to purchase new doors. Vendors are being researched, and specific options and pricing will be made available to homeowners in the coming months.

Our current finances show that the association is in good standing and currently doing well with our budget. There is some additional money on hand, which will go toward our upcoming and year-end maintenance items.

The maintenance matrix has been completed by our attorney, and is under review by the board before being finalized. Next document to be tackled by the board will likely be the architectural guidelines.

There continue to be discussions about our rules and regulations, and we thank everyone for the feedback. If you have any questions about the adopted rules, please contact Calista or the board.

The next association meeting will be on Tuesday, September 11 at 7PM, at 4430 Kling.


Tip of the Month - Neighborhood Safety

In recent months, several homeowners have observed heightened nighttime activity on and around the property, including homeless people walking through our driveways and into the interior pool area late at night, and someone attempting to siphon gas from parked cars. Please always be aware of your surroundings and stay alert for any strange activity.

Please contact local authorities if you observe any suspicious or criminal activity:

Burbank Police Department:

(818) 238-3000

Burbank Fire Department:

(818) 238-3473

In the case of an emergency, please dial 911.

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