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July Newsletter

Thank you to Eric Hormell, and Dave & Michele Phillips on their volunteer work of landscaping maintenance around the property last Saturday, despite the heat! Gazanias and geraniums are trimmed and happy! We hope to continue this work periodically and will announce the next opportunity as it comes up.

Monday’s meeting included a layered discussion around the new rules and regulations, and the recent enforcement of the updated rules. Please keep in mind that these are for the benefit of the community as a whole, including the safety and good maintenance of our buildings. Please contact the board or management if you have any further questions you’d like to discuss.

One suggestion was brought up for those who previously had items hanging from their roofline or patio, such as wind chimes. Since items are not to be drilled or attached to the roof or patio walls, a good alternative could be to hang them from a shepherd’s hook, which is freestanding and not attached to the building.

The maintenance matrix is a work in progress, and we continue to work with our attorneys on some final revisions based on the specifics of our building complex. When finished, the document will cross reference our CC&Rs and civil code to provide clarity on what portions of a property’s maintenance are the responsibility of the owner, vs. that of the HOA.

We continue to work with KRM Garden management to improve the plantings around the property. The next approved phase is in the Kling section, at the northeast end. Paint and stucco damage from the current sprinklers will first be repaired. Then, once weather cools, plantings will begin and drip irrigation installed in that section.

Select Painting will be on the property for paint touch-ups on Friday, August 3rd and Saturday, August 4th. The front doors of units 4440-4456 are scheduled to be re-painted on the 4th. A reminder with more details will be sent directly to these units.

Anthony’s Window Cleaning will be cleaning all garage doors and the lights above the garages, as well as the lights in the landscaping, on Friday, July 27th at 8AM.

Our next meeting will be on Monday, August 6, @7PM, at 4424 Kling.


Helpful Reminders

  • Please remember to water your trees in your patio,

especially if they are in the ground. During this hot summer, if trees are not watered, the roots will reach out into our common water and sewer lines looking for water. This could cause major plumbing issues for the complex.

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