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June Newsletter

Hope everyone is enjoying summer so far!

We recently had our gates leading to the interior/pool area repaired. We now have a couple of spare keys available to the east gate, between buildings 3 and 4. If you use this gate regularly and would like a key, please contact Michele Phillips.

With the new rules and regulations in place, there were letters recently sent out to homeowners to address various violations. The board would like to note that all rules and architectural standards exist for the betterment of our community, as well as for its protection and safety. If you have any questions or comments regarding a rule or a violation letter, please join us at our next general meeting on July 9th.

Speaking of rules, the board would also like to remind everyone that smoking is prohibited in the outdoor areas of the property, including patios and the pool area, in accordance with Burbank city code. Please refrain from smoking in the pool area. (Also see Rules and Regulations, sec.9B)

There have been some inquiries with regard to our association insurance policies; our polices are posted online on our website here and here for reference.

Would anyone like to volunteer with some gardening around our

property? We are in need of some assistance dead-heading and trimming plants in the common areas. If you would like to volunteer, please meet us at the pool at 9AM on Saturday, July 7th. Please bring gardening gloves and small clippers if you have them. This is an activity that we may hold on a monthly basis to help upkeep and improve our landscaping.

Our next HOA meeting will be on Monday, July 9th, at 4430 Kling. General meeting with open forum at 7PM, followed by executive session.



The board had previously recommended the use of ‘Dusk to Dawn’ light bulbs for our front door lights, which have sensors to detect light so that they turn off and on automatically.

If you are using these bulbs, please note that it is important to keep the light fixture clean and free of debris so that nothing will block the light from reaching the sensor on the bulb, which would cause it to malfunction. Some have learned this the hard way, so we are just spreading the word!

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