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February Newsletter

1. Happy February from the Board. Thanks to all who have attended meetings, taken the time to vote on special projects and others who take the time to volunteer with special projects. It all helps make our complex amazing.

2. Our Earthquake and Liability insurance are both renewed with our agent Timothy Kline. Our costs are reduced this year without loss of coverage.

3. The new election policy secret ballots were tabulated and the initiative passed. A mailer has already gone out announcing the policy, and nominations are due 2/23. The annual meeting will be 4/6. Location TBA. It is a privilege and responsibility to serve on the board.

The board has worked diligently to update the CC&R’s with new amendments. A secret ballot will be coming your way soon to approve and incorporate. Please review carefully and feel free to call or write with any questions. Please vote following the ballot instructions, as failure to do so will disqualify your vote.

We appreciate your participation! Below is a brief summary of the amendments to the CC&R’s designed to benefit the Association and each of the homeowners:

  • Lease Waiting Period Section 2.03 – Homeowners must live in their unit for one year before they can lease it.

  • Eradication of Wood-Destroying Pests Section 2.03 – Gives the Board increased ability to enforce inspections and treatment for termites.

  • Smoking Section 7.19 – Restricts smoking of any kind in common areas, patios and balconies.

  • Owners Property Damage and Liability Insurance Section 9.06 – Requires Owners and Tenants to have homeowner’s insurance.

4. The updated Rules and Regs have also been reviewed by our lawyer and will be sent out for review as well. They do not require a vote.

5. Board discussions include the following:

  • Record Retention Policy – we are in possession of the old records turned over by Carol Stein and plan to review and store accordingly.

  • Maintenance Matrix – we plan to create a matrix to eliminate any questions of owner/complex responsibility when issues arise.

  • Code of conduct – board is working on best practices for meetings and correspondence.

  • Architectural Guidelines – this is a work in progress to maintain overall compliancy for the complex and guide change requests

  • Landscaping – board is reviewing a presentation by Armstrong for a phased approach to update the outer perimeter now that the meadow grass has been thinned/removed. Bids on other projects have been presented for consideration.

6. Main drains will be hydrojetted on 2/27.

7. Gutter seals were checked and repaired after our last rain.

8. Next meeting is 3/19 @7pm, 4436 Kling St.


Tip of the Month!

LED Front Door Lights

You may want to consider looking into the LED Dusk to Dawn lights at Home Depot. See references below.

The LED lights are low maintenance cost and are only on from dusk to dawn, saving money. One note for those living pool side, the board had to get lower watt lights for the community lighting as they were too bright and reflecting on the pool. Please be considerate of your neighbors as it is good to have lighting for security but we also need to be able to sleep at night. Thanks

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