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End-of-Year Newsletter

Happy holidays to all owners and tenants.

The Board appreciates all of your collective efforts to make our Townhouse Association the best it can be!

  1. Maintenance updates:

a. Garage Hydrojetting completed. Thanks to all who signed up. We gained helpful long term information regarding our pipe layout.

b. Flintridge tree trimming completed for the year.

c. Landscape continues to be under review. Board is looking at plans and budgets to continue to refresh and update with best plants and placement.

d. Higgins termite inspection completed. 99% participation. This is a real victory and greatly appreciated.

e. Annual Painting touch up completed.

f. Pool motor broke and will be replaced.

  1. ONIT transition completed. Funds and paperwork have been transferred and completed. Finalizing vendor certification. Most old records have been reviewed and scanned for storage. Board is learning more about ONIT’s website and operating procedures. As always call their number below for issues, email and copy the board. We will share more information as we all learn. We appreciate your feedback. ONIT is sending out emails for review. Please make sure you are checking in and reviewing the information.

  2. ONIT will be mailing election ballots for 2018 board. 3 seats open to willing and responsible folks!

  3. Upcoming meetings: 1/15/2018: 4430 Kling, please note that time has been updated to 7:00pm

2/12/2018: 4430 Kling @7pm


Tip of the Month!

Recycle your Christmas Trees

At the curb/alley:

From January 1, 2018, through January 19, 2018, the Public Works Department will collect trees placed in the alley and at the curb on your regular trash collection day. In three parks:

From December 26, 2017, through January 19, 2018, at: Verdugo Park, at N. California Street and W. Verdugo Avenue Ralph Foy Park, in the parking lot on West Victory Boulevard McCambridge Park, in the parking lot on Andover Drive Because trees are mulched or composted, all tinsel, ornaments, and metal stands must be removed. Flocked trees cannot be recycled.

Requests for tree collection after January 19th will cost residents $8.15.

For additional information, please contact Public Works at (818) 238-3800.

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