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October Newsletter

  1. Greetings everyone! Yes it is budget planning time for 2018 and the board is busy working on the best use of our money. The Reserve Study comes in for review 10/20 as we continue to meet and plan.

  2. Maintenance Planning

  3. Exterior hydrojetting November 1

  4. Roof Maintenance and inspection November 2 and 3.

  5. Garage drain camera and hydrojetting November 4. Flyers will be passed out. There is an $89 cost associated, but we are going for 100% participation so we can have a clear view of connections of garage and main lines. Thanks in advance for helping keep the complex in best condition.

  6. Tree trimming first week of December.

  7. Higgins Termite inspection and treatment December 8 and 9. Flyers will be passed out. We are going for 100% participation. Board members are happy to assist if you can’t be home.

  8. Gutter Guard inspection completed via drone. Thanks Greg!

  9. Please consider serving on the next board. Ballots will be coming out in December for a January vote. Two Board members will be remaining, leaving three open.

  10. The Rules and Regs have been reviewed by a lawyer and were approved by the board. The Management Company will be mailing them along with a newly updated Satellite Dish policy. The CC&R addendums are still in review for final approval. All materials will be packaged and mailed at the same time. Please review thoroughly for any questions.

  11. News update! Carol Stein has announced her retirement as of December 1. She is in the process of selling her management business to Accord. We want to thank Carol and her staff for their years of service and dedication to our complex. We appreciate all of the education and many meetings. The board is busily interviewing multiple candidates as well as Accord when the deal is official. Special thanks to Dave and Muriel for field trips and research.

  12. Next board meeting November 13, 7pm at 4430 Kling.

  13. We are all very thankful for KRM’s new silent electric blowers and no more fumes!

  14. Some have noticed the continued clearing of the meadow grass. We are reviewing fall planting. Bark has been added. Thanks to Muriel for researching many options to upgrade the exterior. The interior has flourished with drip irrigation and the spring refresh.


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