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September Newsletter

  1. Happy autumn to all from the board and management company!

  2. Upcoming schedule for fall maintenance. Dates will be announced.

  3. Roof check/loose cables – all buildings- date tab

  4. Hydro jetting plumbing lines- tentative Oct

  5. Patio/Exterior tree trimming- board will hire Flintridge Tree services Dec/Jan.

  6. Termite check up -100% participation will be mandatory to check and treat each unit this fall. Higgins offers non-toxic options for those with concerns. Participation insures the health of our common structure. Individual treatment is optimum and can be repeated if needed. Board is happy to attend to your home if you are working. We have proven results that continued spot treatments works.

  7. HOA rules and regs are still under review. Due to the need to comply with multiple documents, we have opted to have a lawyer draft the final document. Thanks for your patience. As always living in a condo complex requires consideration of neighbors and adherence to CC&R’s. Report any concerns to the Management Company.

  8. California Paving will be fixing the asphalt and resealing the driveways. Building 5 (4424-4438 Kling) and Building 6 (4440-4455) will need to move their cars from the garage from Thursday 9/28 8am until Saturday 9/30 mid day due to asphalt repair and sealing. All buildings must clear their cars from the garage from 8am Friday 9/29 through Saturday 9/30 mid day for sealing. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

  9. Landscape clean up on Clybourn to remove overgrown and dried meadow grass. Budget review underway for drip irrigation and planting. Process will continue on Kling as time and budget permit.

  10. There was a faulty valve on the new drip installation and Board is pursuing avenues for recovering costs incurred by this.

  11. Board will consult with Dewey Exterminators for additional rat traps or options to keep rats under control.

  12. Reserve study under way. Walk through completed. Notes will be returned for discussion and vote.

  13. 2018 Budget review in process.

  14. Board nominations and elections are coming up. Ballots will come out in December for February meeting. Date and time to be announced. Three members are vacating their terms, two remaining. Please consider servicing.

  15. Garage plumbing line clean out – as the board has had good results with hydrojetting the main lines we are under discussion to set up camera testing and hydrojetting of each garage clean out. This would give us a complete picture of all plumbing lines and connections. There would be an associated fee of approximately $85. Board is going for 100% cooperation and board members would be happy to attend your garage if you are unable. Dates and details to be determined.

  16. Next meeting 10/16 7pm 4436 Kling St.


Tip of the Month!

Don’t forget to periodically check and replace your washing machine water lines to prevent flooding. Also check your dryer for lint buildup which could cause a fire. A plumber or handyman should be able to help you out.

The small cost of this preventative maintenance could save you thousands of dollars in damages.

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