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July Newsletter

Hi everyone,

We hope you are having a great summer.

1. Please attend the Mid Year meeting poolside on 8/10 at 7pm. Your participation is valued. We will update you on accomplishments, future projects and financials.

2. We hope you are enjoying the website. Calendars are updated and email blasts go out to keep you informed.

3. Rules and Regs are under review with our CC&R legal counsel. We hope to publish soon. Thanks for your patience.

4. We have renewed our contract with Higgins Termites and are going for 100% mandatory participation when we set up the next yearly inspection. This goes to the overall care of the building structure. If you can’t be there, please arrange for someone to represent you or ask the Board. If you are worried about toxicity, they have non-toxic options. We will announce the date in the fall.

5. Main Drains were hydrojet cleaned with no issues on 7/12. Board is also in review of reinstating garage clean-out options early fall. We are in discussion with other HOA’s about water line replacement as well.

6. Five Rat bait stations were positioned on the property 7/12.

7. The Board has confirmed the installation of the interior drip irrigation system. Work begins 7/25 for approximately 2 weeks. There may be some noise, dirt and disruption of water. We appreciate your understanding. We also want to thank everyone again who has volunteered to hand water through these months as we obtained bids. We will take this opportunity to review the underground electrical wiring and conduits in areas that will be exposed during installation. The board is also in review of the exterior sprinkler system. Summers are very hot and hard on any landscape so we want to be mindful of the water bill and conservation while maintaining the property. We have ongoing discussion about updating landscaping during proper seasonal cycles.

8. The Reserve study is up for review. The board has offered potential ideas for inclusion. Once that is confirmed we will move $19557.05 from the Special Assessment to the Reserve account. $11344.00 has been transferred to the operating fund so all accounts are balanced now.

9. Dave is obtaining bids and recommendations for pool refurbishing and discussion.

10. Lastly, the Board has accepted Dan Garay’s resignation as VP effective 7/31. We want to thank Dan for all his hard work and his continued involvement with watering, meetings and townhouse upkeep. The Board unanimously voted in Julie Cooke to complete his term and thank her for graciously stepping in.

Our September meeting is on 9/18 at 7pm, at 4420 Kling.


Tip of the Month! >> Your condo water shut off valve is located in your patio where your hose is connected. It may be buried in dirt if you have not used it for some time. It is important that you clear the dirt and make sure it is in working order. If you ever have a problem in your unit, you will need to be able to turn the water off for your entire unit. If it is stuck, you may want to have a good plumber check it out. Also when you turn the water back on it may create some pressure or blow small rocks/rust out so be careful with your faucets.

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