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May Newsletter

1. Gutter project update on remaining buildings – week of 5/8 removal, week of 5/15 paint, week of 5/22 installation. Thanks Dave for your oversight.

2. Driveway Project will begin after gutters are completed approximately June/July.

3. Board is obtaining multiple bids for drip irrigation for interior landscaping. This would eliminate gardener and volunteer hand watering. We will continue to monitor the landscaping and upgrade as appropriate with drought and heat resistant plants. This is an ongoing work in progress but we are keeping our focus on improvement. We want to thank those who have volunteered to hand water on Wednesday as we stabilized the new plants – Hortensia, Susan, Dan, Muriel, Joyce!

4. The board has approved the first updated draft of Rules and Regulations for the complex. We have one more pass to go before completion and we hope to have this done very soon. Thanks to the previous board for starting the project which had not been worked on since 2000. With the help of the management company, we have researched many Rules and Regulations from other complexes. When completed they will be mailed to all owners who are required to share with tenants as well. Our goal is to have a well-managed complex that respects owners and tenants while offering a harmonious living environment. Community living requires compromise and common goals for the best of all concerned.

5. We continue to update and improve our website by adding a calendar, the newsletter and the new Rules and Regulations. URL: password: Kling

6. If you have not completed your termite inspection, please contact the Management Company ASAP at 818-566-1700 to schedule. This goes towards respecting the overall complex and adjoining owners. If treatment is required, please remember that there are multiple (non-toxic) options and the cost is covered by the HOA.

7. Please review our financial summary, linked here. Your monthly bill contains a financial review but we wanted to give a brief easy to read report with this newsletter.

8. Next board meeting is 6/19 8pm at 4430 Kling.

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