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Newsletter #3

New gutters being fabricated onsite and installed

Let’s welcome two new board members for the 2017/2018 seasons: Andrea Kim and Muriel Barton.

KMS Landscaping will be updating the grounds with some colorful groundcover, filling in bare spots and thinning overgrown grass. We have saved considerable money with drought/heat resistant plants so we will continue with that style. We may need to water on Wednesday to make sure the new plants take hold so we may reach out to those who volunteered. We will review landscaping again in the fall planting cycle. One additional note, please do not use Roundup or anything with the Herbicide Glyphosate on the property. State officials classify it as a cancer risk under prop 65. Our gardening company is not using it. We have seen evidence of it being used in the complex and ask that this practice be stopped.

Our new 2017 Traveler’s Insurance policies for earthquake and liability are in effect. So far Traveler’s have not been to the property and we have our fingers crossed that we will not be required to put in new pool fencing. Agent is Tim Cline. Copies of the new insurance policies are on our new website.

Gutter project phase 1 completed:

Phase 2 for building 1,3,4 will begin 5/8 with removal of old gutters. May 15 repair and paint fascia. May 22 install new gutters. The gutter guards will eliminate further need to clean the gutters saving money for the HOA. This is a reserve project and thanks to Dave for investing research and time.

Emergency gas shut off – during the gutter installation, we learned that each gas meter has an emergency gas shut off for times of earthquake. If the area shakes hard enough, the gas does shut off and the Gas Company must be called to turn back on for each individual unit. Please be careful not to hit this value with your hose or it could cost you a cold shower and $78 to get your gas turned back on.

Top Contender will be on the premises for the main drain cleanout on 3/28. Dave will supervise. We are very happy with the hydrojetting process and now have a very clear map of the drains and sewer lines.

The Management Company will be arranging for another opportunity for those who did not have Higgins Termites inspect/treat their unit. This is a mandatory requirement for the good of the shared complex and at no additional cost to the owner. If you are unable to be there, you can arrange for a board member or another person to be there to let them in. Information to follow.

Spring is upon us and we want to encourage everyone to take the time to spring clean their patio area if needed. If you need to call Burbank Bulky Item Pick Up to pick up old items please arrange. Call (818) 238-3805. Any change to the common areas, dividing walls, common walkway areas requires the approval of the board. Beatrice will be joining us again to keep the pool area clean. We are working hard to improve the overall common area and we need everyone to do their part. The board will begin a review of the Rules and Regulations for the complex this month.

Precise Roofing removed old satellite dishes/hanging wires at the board’s request to protect the roofs and improve the views.

Noise – as you know sound carries in the complex especially with the pool. Your neighbors can hear late night conversations in the patio, pool area or on cell phones. In May, we will be turning on the pool heater as well. Please make an effort to be considerate of your neighbors. Thank you.

Communication – in order to reduce postage and copying, the board is looking to move everyone to our website to get updates, records, insurance and minutes. We spend over $1,000 annually for copies, mailing and postage. We need your current and correct email addresses. Please send Dave Phillips your email addresses for your household at to ensure you don’t miss any important information about your community. Please sign into our new community website at password: Kling

Cal Paving will be booked in June. We will need to replace the asphalt on some driveways, as slurry seal would not be sufficient. This is a reserve project. Dates to follow with parking instructions.

Thank you for your cooperation and consideration.

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